Monday, March 16, 2015

DrinkAge - RPG Drinking Card Game

 Elandor Chronicles is still underway, I've just been working on some smaller projects before I complete my larger ambitious project. One of my biggest reasons for this is because due to the scope of Elandor Chronicles, I also have been putting a substantial amount of funding into the game to make it happen. It's either that, or I find a like-minded programmer who is willing to work together with me on it for free, but at the moment I have had no luck, which as an artist, composer and designer, is the bane of my existence.

Anyway, onwards to shamelessly advertising my side project!

Introducing DrinkAge, a roleplaying drinking card game! Choose a character and a quest location, and set out on a drunken adventure with friends! (or foes).

2-8 brave adventurers quest to find loot and slay monsters! However, instead of taking damage, you take drinks! All players aren't in this together, it's every man (or woman) for themselves!
Here is an example of one of the cards, a class card: The Gladiator!


So to all you cool cats out there, check it out on my facebook page. Give me a like if you might be interested in getting your hands on it when it's finished! Also, there will be tons more updates and graphics to see on the facebook page:

Friday, June 27, 2014

Zone - Cinder Fields

Work on tilesets has progressed well, and enough has been completed for the Kickstarter Campaign goal. I'm now tying a ribbon on all the tilesets for each zone and testing them in-depth to make all necessary last adjustments and tweaks. The next few updates on this blog will be showing off a map from each tileset, revealing the different zones that will be in the first initial release of Elandor Chronicles.

The first zone is Cinder Fields, which is one of three first level zones situated around the Capital City of Helmsglade where new players will start.

Cinder Fields is your typical low level grassland comprising of plains, small woodlands, and meadows. Close to Helmsglade, the north portion of Cinder Fields is also abundant in farmland and cabins. Travelers and merchants alike are generally completely safe from the wilderness if they stick to the road, however adventurers will discover some of the passive and hostile wild-life if they venture off road, into the woods, and into caves.

For a larger preview, click here!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tileset - Update 5

Work on the tilesets has been progressing extremely well. I've been pulling money out of my own pocket to fund Elandor Chronicles and get some outside-help to hurry development along. Here is a preview of the work going into the first major city in Elandor Chronicles, Helmsglade.

Budget and Profitability

Some questions I've been asked lately is in regards to both how game development and associated server costs and maintenance will be paid for, and whether or not Elandor Chronicles is being made for profit. It is true that there are very few games today that are freeware, or even if they are, they still source money elsewhere, such as from advertisements. Probably one of the most notable examples of this was 'Flappy Birds', which notoriously was making $50,000 a day from advertisements.

I've been passionate about making a video game since I was about sixteen, from all my lessons learned, Elandor Chronicles is all my dreams and ideas rolled into one game, and will also be the flagship title of my studio name. Profit was never a goal, although I have learned about some of the costs involved in working on the game.

I have been more then happy to pull funds out of my own pocket to help push the development of Elandor Chronicles. However, in due time I will be starting a Kickstarter crowd-fund pledge to assist in the development of Elandor Chronicles, including paying involved server costs, and paying for graphical assets to help both further and speed up development. Our team is small, and Elandor Chronicles is a fairly large scoped project.

Elandor Chronicles will be free to play, there was never any question about it. I have always been against premium stores and micro-transactions that offer any advantage to paying customers, so that won't be in Elandor Chronicles either. The initial game will be run on donations, the kickstarter crowd-funding, and perhaps a small cosmetic premium store at most.

Unfortunately I can't speak indefinitely about the game and its costs, although the initial release will be entirely free to play, if everything runs well and future expansions are planned, they may or may not be completely free to play. It's just too early to project and speculate that far ahead.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tileset - Update 4

 Here is a preview of the first major dungeon in Elandor Chronicles. It's a cave/dungeon hybrid inhabited by lizardfolk and some other creatures and critters. This dungeon will be one of three major dungeons being developed for the first initial release.

Some of our graphics is undergoing an overhaul to ensure that the final product of the game is consistently polished and up to a high quality standard. You can expect more previews of the overworld progress and some of the new tiles and NPCs being worked on soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Music - Update 4

Our composer, Clark Bonafe has taken the time to orchestrate a few in-game tracks for your listening pleasure. You can check them out at his Soundcloud.

For those interested in hearing this track in its .midi format, you can listen to it at the following link-
Listen to the MIDI

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Proficiency Tree - Update 2

This is a demonstration of the proficiency tree that will be in the initial release of Elandor Chronicles. From level 2, and every 2 levels after, the player will receive one proficiency point to spend in the tree, unlocking new weapons, or armor types to use.

Unlike most class-based MMORPGs, Elandor Chronicles allows you to completely create and customize your own character. You might choice to excel in great weapons and protective magic, or perhaps something more unheard of, such as a great shield wielding mage focusing in destructive magic and enchantments. It's completely your choice.

For example, I may choose to select martial weapons at level 2, then spellcraft at level 4, enchantments at level 6, martial armor at level 8, heavy weapons at level 10, then great weapons at level 12. This would give my character the proficiency to use powerful great weapons with magical enchantments, while a side arsenal of basic spells and also martial armor proficiency. A good start to my DPS magic beserker.

And of course, as more content and features are added, you can expect the proficiency tree to grow with a ton of more options, from special schools of magic, to more legendary weapon types.