Monday, August 26, 2013

Items - Update 3

Additional to chestgear, leggings and helmets, you'll be able to outfit and equip your character with boots, gloves and shields. These will provide assorted benefits, such as armor, dodge chance, block chance, and enchantments.

Progress on all the item icons and designs is almost finalized. Some assorted items such as trinkets and spell scrolls are left, then development will focus on continuing tile-sets, finishing the female sprite character customization, and starting paperdoll graphics.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Items - Update 2

Work in Progress
You'll be able to customize your character's appearance and performance in combat with a number of different types of armor. In Elandor Chronicles, you'll be able to equip chest armor, leggings, headgear, gloves, boots and shields. Additionally, you'll also be able to wear a trinket, such as a ring or amulet. There will be a large number of items to cater for characters of different play-styles and builds.

Similarly to weapons, armor will be obtainable from a number of means, ranging from town merchants, to fearsome dungeon creatures.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Items - Update 1

Work in Progress
The initial release of Elandor Chronicles will have 6 weapon types, which utilize a combination of different requirements and play-styles. These include swords, axes, bludgeons, wands, bows and throwing. Each weapon will have different statistics, namely attack speeds, requirements, damage and on-hit effects.

Weapons will be acquirable in a number of different means. Common weapons will be available from different merchants and humanoid monsters. Rarer and more fantastic weapons may only be acquirable from rarer and more powerful creatures, or dungeons.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tileset - Update 2

To establish progress on the tile set, I've been working on creating mockups of every major zone, city or dungeon aimed for the first release. Progress is going good, I've completed the foundation for 5 different areas. The latest tiles I've been working on include those for the city of Helmsglade. The preview below also reveals the open-house design which will be present in Elandor Chronicles.