Thursday, November 21, 2013

Comparison of Art Direction

I wanted to reflect on the drastic changes in the art direction this project has faced since I begun developing it. My original inspirations for the project were older NES and SNES games such as Dragon Quest. While the project still maintains a lot of the same inspirations, over time I've completely redone and changed the approach Elandor Chronicles is taking in terms of it's art direction.

Here is one of the original screenshots of the project, which featured a very NES-style restricted tileset. However, as I progressed I had a lot of inconsistencies and also was unhappy with a lot of elements I created, such as the very harsh and contrasted ground terrain, and the scale of a lot of tiles such as the walls and trees.

Although I was still fond of the art direction I originally tried for, I made the decision to try something new, and learn from my progress and mistakes.

In the current art direction, characters and objects are much more readable and distinguishable from the ground terrain,  and I'm confident to also say that I've improved in a lot of aspects, such as color palette picking. One of the biggest criticisms had with my previous art direction was the strong contrast in color and brightness. My new artwork is a lot warmer, simpler, and hopefully more enjoyable and praised by players and artists alike.

Don't hesitate to drop me a comment and tell me what you think!

Music - Update 3

Here is a preview of one of our boss themes, for a dungeon called the Moonlit Grotto, This theme shows off some of Clark Bonafe's more fiery and powerful compositions, setting the mood for the final confrontation in the dungeon.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Music - Update 2

Here is a preview of our opening main menu track, self titled 'Elandor Chronicles'. This once again was composed by Elandor Chronicles talented composer, Clark Bonafe. This track essentially sums up the feel, excitement and adventure that players are invited to experience in Elandor Chronicles. Enjoy!

Tileset - Update 3

 I'm currently working on a new section of my game design document titled 'Area Profiles'. This section involves establishing and planning the feel of each city, zone, and dungeon in Elandor Chronicles. For each zone, I write up a few paragraphs describing it, and also couple it with a mockup capturing the general feel for the area. Not only does this motivate me to design each area, but it also helps me to develop the foundation for each area's tileset.

Following the area profiling, I'll then work individually on each tileset, developing a lot of content and variety for each area in Elandor Chronicles. Here are a couple previews of the areas profiled.