Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tileset - Update 4

 Here is a preview of the first major dungeon in Elandor Chronicles. It's a cave/dungeon hybrid inhabited by lizardfolk and some other creatures and critters. This dungeon will be one of three major dungeons being developed for the first initial release.

Some of our graphics is undergoing an overhaul to ensure that the final product of the game is consistently polished and up to a high quality standard. You can expect more previews of the overworld progress and some of the new tiles and NPCs being worked on soon.


  1. I don't think you would mind me saying this, but... damn Kreator you are the most farking awesome pixel artist I know... and this isn't an overstatement =w= Keep it up! *I have only stalked EC for around 2 years now?*

    1. Thanks man! Unfortunately I can't take credit for this one, got some help on helping speed up tileset development and touch up some older tilesets. Glad you like it though!

      Your from Eclipse no doubt, what's your username mate?