Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tileset - Update 5

Work on the tilesets has been progressing extremely well. I've been pulling money out of my own pocket to fund Elandor Chronicles and get some outside-help to hurry development along. Here is a preview of the work going into the first major city in Elandor Chronicles, Helmsglade.


  1. Such high quality pixel art work and man the detail..... No signs of laziness. Great job.

  2. Good job, you should try working with other experienced people like Rory and myself. Working alone is never a good way to make it in the MMO industry. Good luck.

    1. Cheers buddy. I'm always keeping an eye on Nin Online and it looks great. The project isn't quite a one-man project however, got a few buds from ol' eclipse helping with art and music. And as you may know, this is planned to be one of few flagship titles for Robins new engine. But of course, good to hear from you and maybe we should have a chat some day.

  3. This tile set is absolutely beautiful- keep up the good work, man! :)