Friday, January 31, 2014

Time - Lighting and Encounters

Each zone in Elandor Chronicles will have it's own time of day lighting, ambient colors, and weather effects. Some zones may have a darker night, higher chance of rain, unique weather effects, and slightly different colored evenings and mornings. 

Additionally, time of day will also determine the encounters possible in the zone. Some critters and creatures may only spawn at night, while others during the day.

Lighting Mechanics

I've been testing and thinking about various lighting implements and styles for Elandor Chronicles. Although dynamic lighting or pixel-based light sources was pretty, It felt like it took away the 'retro' theme from the graphics. One particular outcome I was pleased with was 'tile-based' lighting. I designed a quick mock-up below.

Please note however that this lighting demonstration was simulated in a photo-editing software, and does not reflect a final product, so please ignore the discrepancies!

Aside from ambient and structural objects such as fire braziers and crystals, I would be intrigued to warrant the need for torches in Elandor Chronicles by having dark night times, and also dark dungeons and caves, some of which even pitch black. Empty fire bowls and braziers would be ignitable by a player's torch (or possibly spell or enchanted weapon), to help light the way for other fellow adventurers.