Friday, February 14, 2014

Studio Title - Emberstorm Games

I've developed the studio title name for which Elandor Chronicles will be developed and published under, as well as any other or future titles I may work on. I've called it Emberstorm Games, and to  the right you'll see the logo which has been designed.

In the near future, I'll announce a website which I'll develop and put online for Emberstorm Games and Elandor Chronicles. This blog will stay, and will be part of the Elandor Chronicles sub-domain.

Hope you guys are fond of the studio name!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Proficiency Tree

The original system I was designing for weapon and armor requirements was that every equipable item may have strength, speed and magic requirements to use. Most RPGs have level requirements combined with class requirements (such as needing to be either a warrior or priest to use plate armor, and reach a level requirement of say, 20). However this meant that although each class was different to each other, they were the same to themselves, so there was little flexibility to still be different. The goal in Elandor Chronicles is for players to design their own class, build and playstyle, however my original decision for strength, speed and magic requirements was unbalanced.

Now, In Elandor Chronicles there will be an additional character progression tree called the proficiency tree. At level 2, and every 2 levels thereafter, players will gain a 'proficiency point', which they can use to acquire the ability to use new weapons, armors and items. At level one,  each player will begin with the proficiency "General weapons and armor", allowing them to use basic low-level gear. With each point they can expand their usable items, for example, at level 2 a player may learn "martial weapons", then at level 4 "spell-craft", then at level 6 "enchanted weapons" which martial weapons and spell-craft was a prerequisite for learning.

There will be various tiers of proficiencies that can be unlocked by reaching particular levels and learning the required prerequisites. This system will allow for players to be able to decide and develop their character how they wish, and not fit a generic class with limited flexibility as seen in a lot of other MMORPGS.  Additionally, players will be able to increase attributes (strength, speed and magic) each level for additional benefits, and also upgrade and acquire new skills from the skill tree, which will be discussed soon.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Armor, Block, Evade, Barrier and Resist - Update 2

Different types of armor will have various strengths and weaknesses for different combat encounters. As elaborated in this previous blog post, Elandor Chronicles has the following different types of defenses: Armor, Block, Evade, Barrier and Resist.

Here is an example of some armors and their defenses:

Jacket of Swiftness
12 evade, 10% increased movement speed

Charred Tunic
4 armor, 4 evade, 5 fire resist

Dull Brigandine
20 armor

Battlemage's Tunic
4 armor, 16 barrier, 10% increased magic damage

So how exactly will evade work? Evade gives a chance to avoid damage, instead of reducing it. Each point in evade will scale according depending on the attacker's damage. A player whom has 20 evade for example, may have a 30% chance to avoid an attack from a lower-level creature dealing 15 damage, while having a 10% chance to avoid an attack from a higher-level creature dealing 35 damage.

There are formulas which govern how each different defense work. Evade and Block work similarly, as do Armor and Barrier. Resist however, reduces a specific amount of damage from an element.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Player Sprite - Update 3

Work in Progress
I've revisited player sprites, and now have all hair styles completed for each gender. To the left is a preview of a couple of the female hair styles. Each hairstyle will also be color customizable. All hair color sets will be hand-picked to fit the world and keep consistency (So no fluro-green hair sorry guys!)