Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tileset - Update 4

 Here is a preview of the first major dungeon in Elandor Chronicles. It's a cave/dungeon hybrid inhabited by lizardfolk and some other creatures and critters. This dungeon will be one of three major dungeons being developed for the first initial release.

Some of our graphics is undergoing an overhaul to ensure that the final product of the game is consistently polished and up to a high quality standard. You can expect more previews of the overworld progress and some of the new tiles and NPCs being worked on soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Music - Update 4

Our composer, Clark Bonafe has taken the time to orchestrate a few in-game tracks for your listening pleasure. You can check them out at his Soundcloud.

For those interested in hearing this track in its .midi format, you can listen to it at the following link-
Listen to the MIDI

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Proficiency Tree - Update 2

This is a demonstration of the proficiency tree that will be in the initial release of Elandor Chronicles. From level 2, and every 2 levels after, the player will receive one proficiency point to spend in the tree, unlocking new weapons, or armor types to use.

Unlike most class-based MMORPGs, Elandor Chronicles allows you to completely create and customize your own character. You might choice to excel in great weapons and protective magic, or perhaps something more unheard of, such as a great shield wielding mage focusing in destructive magic and enchantments. It's completely your choice.

For example, I may choose to select martial weapons at level 2, then spellcraft at level 4, enchantments at level 6, martial armor at level 8, heavy weapons at level 10, then great weapons at level 12. This would give my character the proficiency to use powerful great weapons with magical enchantments, while a side arsenal of basic spells and also martial armor proficiency. A good start to my DPS magic beserker.

And of course, as more content and features are added, you can expect the proficiency tree to grow with a ton of more options, from special schools of magic, to more legendary weapon types.