Friday, June 27, 2014

Zone - Cinder Fields

Work on tilesets has progressed well, and enough has been completed for the Kickstarter Campaign goal. I'm now tying a ribbon on all the tilesets for each zone and testing them in-depth to make all necessary last adjustments and tweaks. The next few updates on this blog will be showing off a map from each tileset, revealing the different zones that will be in the first initial release of Elandor Chronicles.

The first zone is Cinder Fields, which is one of three first level zones situated around the Capital City of Helmsglade where new players will start.

Cinder Fields is your typical low level grassland comprising of plains, small woodlands, and meadows. Close to Helmsglade, the north portion of Cinder Fields is also abundant in farmland and cabins. Travelers and merchants alike are generally completely safe from the wilderness if they stick to the road, however adventurers will discover some of the passive and hostile wild-life if they venture off road, into the woods, and into caves.

For a larger preview, click here!