What is Elandor Chronicles?

Elandor Chronicles is an adventure MMORPG reminiscent of the golden age of gaming, inspired by titles such as Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Quest. Featuring original retro pixel-art graphics, and a MIDI soundtrack, Elandor Chronicles aims to bring players a non-cliched game-play experience which encourages social game-play, less-restrictive play, and immersive combat and exploration.

Who is creating Elandor Chronicles?

Elandor Chronicles is being developed by new independent 'Emberstorm Games' founder Beau Buckley, with help from artist 'Dash' Neilson, and composer Clark Bonafe. Beau Buckley is working with programmer Robin Perris, who is developing the new Crystalshire engine, of which Elandor Chronicles will be one of few flagship titles created using.

What is the release date?

Unfortunately, it's too soon to estimate a release date for Elandor Chronicles. 


What platforms will Elandor Chronicles support?

Initially, PC. However in the future support may be added for Mac and Linux.


How much will it cost?

Elandor Chronicles will be free-to-play. To complete development, Elandor Chronicles will be hoping for a successful kick-starter campaign. To this date, all development costs, additional contracts, and staff costs have been payed out of the developer's pocket.


Will there be optional micro payments?

This has not been discussed yet. It may be implemented down the road to support future development costs, however if so, it will be made sure that players cannot 'pay to win'. For example, players will not be able to purchase powerful gears, levels, or anything else to make the game easier.


Will there be multiple servers?

 Not initially, but it will be established if Elandor Chronicles develops a large player-base.


Will there be multiple races to choose?

Not in the first release. The initial release of Elandor Chronicles will see some features and content left out in order to see a realistic release date. However, additional releases will see a lot more planned features, and a lot more content.


Is there paperdoll?

Of course, players will be able to create their own original character, and also see their equipped weapons and armor on their character.


How will PVP work? 

PVP's first appearance in the game will be an arena-system, where different PVP-specific areas reside in Elandor Chronicles. However, if Elandor Chronicles develops a large enough player base, a PVP server with additional settings and features will likely be implemented.


Will there be an auction house?

No, contrary to popular MMORPGs, an auction house for Elandor Chronicles is predicted to be both negative for the in-game economy, and also player-relations. We are hoping that the absence of an auction house will create trade-relations, the ability to become a renowned merchant, popular player-chosen trading areas in the game, and also allow for future plans like player owned markets/shops. 


Will movement be tile-based, or not?

Currently this is undecided. Although currently tile-based, free-movement may be implemented instead. Both have their trade-offs, the release will have whichever works best for the title, and is most favored by the players during testing. Tile-based allows for both flexible but simple combat mechanics, and also may cater to retro and rogue-like fans, however free-movement may see special mechanics such as knock-back and more versatility with ranged combat and skill-shots.


Will music be orchestrated?

There are no plans to orchestrate the in-game soundtrack. Currently, the soundtrack sounds incredible in MIDI, fits the game quite perfectly, and is incredibly small file-size.


Will there be time-of-day, and weather effects?

Yes, there will be time-of-day (one day in game will be about 4 hours in real life). Each zone in Elandor Chronicles will have it's own time of day lighting, ambient colors, and weather effects. Some zones may have a darker night, higher chance of rain, unique weather effects, and slightly different colored evenings and mornings. Additionally, time of day will also determine the encounters possible in the zone. Some critters and creatures may only spawn at night, while others during the day.

Are you accepting user and fan art/assets

If a fan develops assets that both fit the game graphically, then we are more then grateful and happy to use them to further development. As for fan-art, we would love to view and possibly feature your fan-art.

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